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Asset management: the key role of an estate planning attorney

Here’s why having ready and consistent access to an experienced estate planning attorney is critically important for any person or family concerned with wealth-related considerations: Money matters are complex, whether they relate to taxes, shielding and passing along assets, spending-down rules and regulations linked to government programs, trust creation, guardianships and myriad other estate planning matters.

Pet trusts: solid estate planning tools, not gimmicks

Any article written in the United States that focuses on pets can pretty safely get a central truism immediately out of the way, namely this: We are a nation of unabashed animal lovers, plain and simple. Estimates on what Americans spend annually on their pets for medical visits and treatments, food and toys -- even things like clothes and spas -- easily run into the billions of dollars.

Why parents in New York may want to consider an estate plan

When people think about estate planning, they typically think it is only something that people need to do if they are elderly or ill. While these are certainly instances when many people would probably have some kind of an estate plan in place, planning ahead can be beneficial to just about any person who lives on or around Long Island.