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Estate planning accounts for people's wishes after death

In New York, estate planning ensures that people's wishes are met concerning their health care and assets at the end of their life. Documented instructions let relatives and health professionals know individuals' wishes regarding medical treatment and end-of-life instructions. An estate plan also answers questions about property disbursement after a person's death. However, there are several issues that people often do not think about before preparing their estate plan.

Guardianship is a concern for people with small children. In case of their death or illness, individuals should list the names of guardians to care for their children. They should also get the permission of the designated guardians.

Many people think of their pets as family members. A trust may be the perfect solution for the future care of the pets. The trust should include the names of caretakers and provide an ample amount of money for continuing care of the pets.

Funerals and burials should also be included when planning for the future. An individual's estate plan can lay out the site for their memorial service. Individuals can also choose between cremation and burial as their final disposition.

Some people may want to give certain relatives or friends their personal possessions. A will can be the ideal solution for disbursing these assets. The will also includes the name of the executor, who will distribute the assets to people named in the will.

Estate plans allow individuals to state their requirements concerning assets, health care and final resting place. Estate planning attorneys may be able to help prepare these legal documents. Individuals will be able to have peace of mind concerning their final wishes with an official plan in place.

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