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The benefits to creating a will

No matter how young or healthy an individual in New York or elsewhere may be, there are always good reasons to have a will. Yet, a 2011 poll showed that around 60 percent of Americans did not have one. Perhaps the best reason to have a will is that an individual could pass at any time. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, more than 90,000 people between the ages of 20 and 39 died in 2011.

Another good reason to have a will is that it can do more than just protect assets after death. It can also include language that selects a guardian for any minor children a person may have. A will may also contain language that allows an individual to declare a guardian for any pets that he or she may have.

Creating a will may make it easier for loved ones of the deceased to determine his or her final wishes. This may reduce the time and money spent in probate and ensure that assets go to the people who were supposed to get them. If a person dies intestate, the odds may increase that family members may fight among themselves and even pursue legal action because of the confusion caused.

Those who are looking to gain greater control over assets after death or looking to minimize inheritance tax may want to consider creating a will. Either by itself or in combination with other estate planning documents, it may allow individuals to meet those goals. Individuals may create a will on their own or consult with an attorney prior to doing so. It may also be possible to create a will and have it looked at by legal counsel to ensure that it complies with state law.

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