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October 2016 Archives

Using estate planning to minimize taxes for angel investors

New York angel investors may be able to use estate planning in order to pass more of their assets to their beneficiaries with smaller tax burdens when they pass away. Estate planning can be used in a way to take advantage of high returns that are received on investments that are made in promising startups.

Using a living trust for real estate

Placing their home in a living trust may be one option for New York residents who are creating an estate plan. There might be a number of reasons to do this instead of using a will to pass down assets to beneficiaries. One is that a trust means avoiding the probate process. This can potentially be both costly and lengthy. If a person owns homes in more than one state, then that property would have to go through probate in other states unless placed into a trust. A trust is also more private than a will.

3 ways previous marriages can affect your estate plan

Blended families and previous spouses can make the estate planning process more complicated than you think. You might want to include your previous spouse in your estate plan, especially if you have children together. You also need to consider any stepchildren from your current spouse, and the dynamic between all members of your family.