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March 2016 Archives

Making advance planning part of doctor visits

New York residents may be aware of a Medicare policy that reimburses doctors for holding end-of-life counseling sessions with their patients. However, many physicians are still reluctant to speak on the subject because of their reluctance or a lack of training. Medicare will reimburse physicians $86 for holding advance care planning sessions up to 30 minutes long. Doctor's assistants and nurse practitioners will also receive pay for counseling their patients, which can be done in hospitals or during routine visits to doctor's offices.

Allowing heirs to control the distribution of assets

One of the purposes of estate planning is to allow people to retain control over the distribution of their assets upon their death. Sometimes, however, the person creating a trust or a will might want to permit heirs to control the distribution of assets that are left to them. There are methods for accomplishing this, but the maker of a will or trust should understand the consequences.