Smithtown Child Support Attorney

Is your Long Island divorce being delayed because of differences with your former spouse over appropriate levels of child support and alimony?

At the skilled matrimonial and family law firm of Mullen and Iannarone, P.C., in Smithtown, we advise individuals, couples and families on Long Island and surrounding areas in ways that promote practical solutions to legal problems.

Our experienced divorce attorneys have successfully served the objectives of clients with a broad range of legal difficulties before, during and after an uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce. We excel at negotiating amicable settlements to issues such as custody and visitation, thereby sparing you needless wastes of energy, emotion and money.

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Commack Spousal Support Lawyers Assist With Post-Judgment Modifications

The primary custodian of a child, post-divorce, needs and deserves financial assistance that supplies the necessities of life. Our Mullen and Iannarone, P.C., legal team can arm you with facts you need, and options you should be aware of, that inform you about state guidelines on income-based child support and alimony levels.

If you have custody or a child or children and support obligations are not being fulfilled, you should come to us to discuss a contempt order from a court that will enforce those obligations. We can also assist with support modifications in the event of a sudden, substantial change in lifestyle, such as the loss of a job, demotion, downsizing or outsourcing.

New York Family Law Attorneys Providing Practical Solutions For Legal Problems

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